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Philosophie of Park Hotel & Spa KATHARINA

The philosophy of the house in its simplicity is at the same time our highest daily demand on ourselves, our work and the hotel. This claim results from the long history of the house as a guesthouse and hotel. From the very beginning, service was very important in the former city villa. The continuation of the traditional hotel was also a conscious step towards continuing to live this quality. On the other hand, for us as a 4-star hotel per se the guest is not just a customer. We are aware that in times of a rapid and exhausting everyday life, the longing for small escapees and oases of peace and relaxation grows. The so-called short-term turning away from the challenges of life in order to be able to face it again strengthened a little later, is becoming increasingly important. At Park Hotel & Spa KATHARINA we have made it our mission to offer our guests exactly such a place.


The unique location of the hotel, in the middle of the southern Black Forest, in sunny Markgräflerland, offers the ideal conditions for nature lovers, as well as for spa, art and culinary lovers. The philosophy of our house completes this to an incomparable overall package. We offer good things to our guests out of conviction!

Our goal is to make you feel completely at home with us and, above all, to visit us again.


The previous owners have found in the garden of the hotel an old Roman Gemme (mostly chased jewelry). As part of the hotel sale, the Eckerlin family bequeathed the Gemme the new hotel owner. Her image was used as a logo from there on. In addition, she symbolically protects the Park Hotel & Spa KATHARINA.

During renovations in 2014-2017, residents and visitors of Badenweiler were invited to submit proposals for the naming of the new hotel. Numerous objections with different name proposals have reached us. A name has been suggested many times: Katharina. So it was quickly decided that this would become the new name for the time-honored hotel.