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The Park Hotel & Spa KATHARINA
- a house with history

The imposing villa was built at the end of the 19th century and served as "Villa Friedericke" cure-seeking spa guests a quiet location. One of the most famous guests was the incurable tuberculosis sick Russian writer and doctor Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. He traveled to the spa town of Badenweiler in 1904 and initially resided in the Grandhotel Römerbad. However, after it became known that he was suffering from tuberculosis, the Russian guests after only two days stay were asked to leave the hotel. The "Villa Friedericke" was from then on his residence. Finally, Mr. Chekhov died as a result of the tuberculosis disease in the former Hotel Sommer.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Emma Eckerlin took over the "Villa Friedericke" and opened the Eckerlin guesthouse. In times of revolutionary and world wars, the house provided nobility and especially emigrants from Russia a temporary home. Emma Eckerlin, who was very interested in art, maintained close contact with Rene Schickele, as well as Emil Bizer, whose works were extensively exhibited in the former boarding house. Through Ms. Eckerlin's hospitality and entrepreneurial skills, the house has become increasingly prestigious over the years. The villa has been extended, an in-house swimming pool was built.

In 2013, the new owners took over the Hotel Eckerlin. Four years should take the refurbishment of the monument protected object. In 2017, the modernized and with great attention to detail furnished Park Hotel & Spa KATHARINA could celebrate its opening. Since then, the 4-star hotel enjoys increasing popularity and increasing number of guests.

Below you will find a small picture gallery with photos from earlier times and compared to today's renovated state.