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Dear guests,

We warmly welcome you to our “Park Hotel & Spa KATHARINA” and would like to familiarize you with our house rules.

  1. The room is available to the guest from 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. Your stay after check-out may incur additional costs depending on occupancy.
  2. The hotel is entitled to request a guarantee in the form of a credit card or cash deposit upon arrival. Upon departure, the hotel is entitled to additionally charge the customer's credit card for any differences that are discovered after the customer's departure (e.g. consumption from the minibar, compensation, fines, etc.)
  3. When checking out, we ask you to hand in your room card(s). If the room card is not returned and/or lost, we will charge €10.
  4. Our spa is available to guests from check-in to check-out. We are happy to turn on saunas upon request. There are no changing rooms in the spa, please change clothes in your room. On Friday and Saturday, we recommend that you go to the spa before 4 p.m. or after 6 p.m. so that you have fewer other guests and more space for yourself.
  5. Please note our restaurant's closing days.
  6. Smoking is prohibited throughout the house. Please use the designated area in the outdoor area. Fine for smoking is €250.00
  7. Our parking space costs €10 per night. Please tell us the number of your car. Free parking is free when booking directly (by phone and email).
  8. Open fires, smoking, lighting candles, etc. are not permitted in the elevator, stairwells and corridors.
  9. We ask you to immediately report any complaints in the room or inconveniences caused by the hotel staff to reception.
  10. We ask you not to damage the hotel rooms and their furnishings, as well as the hotel property. We must point out that any damage caused by you must be compensated to the hotel and will be billed to you.
  11. If you would like to cancel a meal or a treatment, or would like to order a packed lunch, please contact reception with your request by 8:00 p.m. the day before. After that, cancellation is no longer free of charge.
  12. The rooms are cleaned daily from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. If cleaning is not desired for sustainability reasons, please use the red “Do Not Disturb” card. If you have changed your mind, please inform reception staff before 12:00 that your room needs to be cleaned.
  13. If you consume food from the minibar, we ask guests to pay at reception upon departure.
  14. Please keep cash, securities and other valuables in the room in safe. The instructions for use are located in the safe's wardrobe. The hotel management is not liable for stolen or lost valuables.
  15. We ask you to take care of the rest of other guests in the hotel and to avoid noise and other disturbances, especially after 10 p.m.
  16. For hygiene and safety reasons, it is not permitted to prepare hot food and hot drinks in the room.
  17. Please read the fire prevention instructions posted on each floor carefully and follow the regulations in the event of an emergency.
  18. Please report any found or lost items at reception.
  19. The public rooms, corridors and the outside area of the hotel are monitored by cameras for security reasons.
  20. During your stay at the hotel, we ask you to behave in an environmentally friendly manner, especially when using water and electricity.
  21. Please do not leave any rubbish on the hotel grounds.
  22. We reserve the right to terminate the existing contract and to prevent guests from providing services if they disregard the house rules and the guest's behavior causes damage to the hotel or other guests.

Thank you for your attention and compliance with these house rules.